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For years SunLoma has offered its customers trust worthy and high-quality real estate services in the Costa del Sol. The name has changed, and the office has moved into new stylish location in heart of Los Boliches. SunLoma now serves you in the premises of the old congregation parlor.We offer our customers comprehensive professional know-how with safe buy and sell experiences.

Our goal is to be the best in our business. We stand out with our customer-oriented service, efficient work flow and strong visual marketing knowledge.  We always use professional photografers to ensure the quality and visuality of the properties that we sell. We’ll gladly tell you more about our SunOne –service. SunOne will not only offer you premium-quality service, wide wide-rangingmarketing package and professional service, but also all the benefits of the multi-listing. By SunOne, the selling times has shortened remarkable, so it is efficient and secure way to sell Your home in Costa del Sol.

You are warmly welcome to join our happy customers!


Contact Information

Liisa Kuoksa-Jalonen

Director, Partner, socio, Agente inmobiliario, M.Sc (econ)
+34 634 303 968

Kirsi Oras

Real estate agent, Kiinteistönvälittäjä LKV, Partner, socio
+34 662 949 122 or +358 400 388 534

Minnamaija Mattila

Real estate agent, Agente inmobiliario
+34 682 422 445

Kari Raisaari

Real estate agent, Agente inmobiliario
+34 660 185 970 or +358 451 572 420

Susanna Mariia Haakana

Real estate agent, Agente inmobiliario
+34 682 924 057

Elina Lötjönen

Vuokravälittäjä, Agente de alquileres, Rental agent
+34 686 685 566

Marja Ruusuvirta Solis

Auxiliar administrativa, sales assistant
+34 626 760 494


Avenida Jésus Cautivo 42, local 1,
29640 Fuengirola


+34 626 760 494